Who Receives The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020: The announcement of the winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine has started on October 5. Following that, the Nobel Committee will announce the winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday, October 8. But the literary lovers do not seem to sleep. So before the announcement of the Nobel laureate in the field of literature, many people are making many predictions like every year. But in recent years, the Swedish academy has been reluctant to accept anyone's assumptions or to justify them. What more can be said when the Swedish Academy has swallowed the thorn of criticism without giving the Nobel to Leo Tolstoy, or given the Nobel to Peter Handke! 


The Nobel Prize in Literature 2020

The impeccable commentary of the American poet Louis Gluck was recognized in literature. Professor Lewis Gluck, an American poet, won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020. According to the Swedish Academy, he was recognized for his outstanding contributions to American literature.

As a result, Lewis Gluck The 16th Woman awarded the Nobel Prize in History This is the first American woman writer to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature since Tony Morrison in 1993.

According to the Nobel Committee, Lewis is one of the best writers in modern American literature. Regarding Lewis's contribution to American literature, Anders Olson, chairman of the Nobel Committee, said: "His writings are full of humor, simplicity, and perseverance."


Early Life of Louis Gluck

Born in New York in 1943, the poet grew up on Long Island. He has taught at various prestigious educational institutions, including Sarah Lawrence College, William College, and Columbia University. The novelty of technique, sensitivity and sensitivity are in the bone marrow of his poems. He is widely acclaimed for his artistic and technical differences in poetry. Lewis Gluck received the National Book Critics Circle Award for his book of poetry, The Triumph of Achilles.
She is currently a Professor (Adjunct) at Yale University in the United States

His first book of poetry, Firstborn 7, was published in 1966 The Nobel Committee did not forget to praise the rhythm and literary expression of his writings in this book.

So far, he has published 12 books of poetry as well as essays

Notable among his most famous books of poetry are The Wild Iris and Faithful and Virtual Night.

Lewis 7 has always been admired for his literary qualities

His 1992 book of poetry, The Wild Iris, won him a Pulitzer Prize

His writings are a fluent and aesthetic expression of family life, childhood and Greco-Roman mythology.

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